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We left lovely Villa des Anges bright and early to make our way to Levanto. In no time we were on the Italian Motorway system which is fantastic. With Phil at the wheel we headed towards to Levanto – through  a myriad of long tunnels and paying tolls (which is I guess why the roads are so good). We drove around the back of Genoa which didn’t look too inviting – run down apartment buildings for what seemed like miles, but soon we were heading down to Levanto, and it is so charming. Our apartment belongs to a very suave elderly gent who seems to own a lot more of the town. He told us the building was 500 years old and that he had been born there. And what a great place it is – central, and with a view out over the roof tops. We had our first Italian dinner in an ambient restaurant which was in the same old building as our apartment – the food was fabulous,  the best meal we have had so far, and better than anything we had in France…..