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This afternoon Phil and I ventured out on another long walk across the Tiber to Isola Tiberina,  and back across the river to the Trastevere district. The Tiber itself is disappointing -I guess I imagined it to be like the Seine – but it is a murky green sluggish waterway- at least where we were walking.
Trastevere on the other hand was a vibrant, colourful, upbeat place – it’s Rome’s equivalent of the left bank with ristorantes full to bursting and spilling out onto the narrow cobbled streets, in amongst tiny shops. The church of Santa Maria in Trastevere which we visited is huge wth a stunning ceiling and is one Rome’s oldest churches.

It was very hot here today and I had pretty sore feet after all the walking but all worth it – dinner in a nearby ristorante was excellent, and we capped off the day by viewing the Colosseum under night light – subdued but impressive.

Colosseum at night