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Today began brilliantly- we woke to fabulous blue skies, had a beautiful breakfast looking out on the Grand Canal, and a wonderful water taxi ride on the almost deserted canal to get to our parking station – all good so far as we left beautiful Venice.

Our route involved travelling from Venice to Nice and the first two hours or so we made brilliant time and our projected arrival time in Nice was 2.50pm – we eventually arrived at 6.30pm courtesy of a series of events 1) heading into our one and only traffic jam (and it was a doozy!) which had us literally crawling through a series of tunnels for 9 kms due to an accident and adding 1 hour to our ETA.
2) joining a huge backlog of traffic at the toll booths leading into Nice – adding another 30mins to our ETA.
3) finding our GPS rejected our attempts to enter our hotel address near Nice airpoint, so we had to guess our way, through heavy traffic due to a Nice street parade.
4) Eventually arriving at our Nice hotel, unloading all our bags, only to be told we were not booked in at that Novotel – there are 3 near the airport and having to find our way to the Cap 3000 Novotel (getting pretty tired now as we were 3 and 1/2 hours later than expected).
5) Rog and Frances finding that their allocated room key doesn’t work, getting it reprogrammed, which then has Rog barging into what was supposed to be their room, only to find it is occupied by a woman in the throes of dressing …
6) Rog beating a hasty retreat, getting his correct room and on returning to the bar for a drink hearing the affronted woman complaining to the receptionist…

You can see that we were all in need of a stiff drnk and food so we elected to eat in the hotel and it was excellent … The bonus of the day is that hotel is actually in a beach resort at the other end of the airport , and even better, part of the beach faces the end of the airport runway where the planes land – Phil is in heaven! Tomorrow Monaco beckons …