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Monaco -what a wonderful way to start the day – its fabulous – outstanding scenery, beautiful architecture, pristine streets, deepest blue water, sunny skies – just gorgeous.

We started off with a wander through  Monte-Carlo near the Casino and later drove to the Monaco Ville area, where we spent the rest of our time,  and where did a short tour in a wee train-like affair which took us up to the palace on the cliff.

Its a truly lovely place in the most amazing setting but so obviously meant for the rich and famous… so I left with no regret.

We have spent the late afternoon chilling by the hotel pool. Rog and Phil are just returning our rental car before we venture out for the last night of our France/Italy sojourn… and its been fantastic – we have seen great sights, shared great meals and some hilarious times . We have met amazingly warm and friendly people while in the company of two wonderful friends whose love and friendship we value so much – it simply couldn’t have been better!