I can’t really finish this part of my blog without mentioning our great friends Roger and Frances.


My blog so far has been about my personal observations and reflections on the places we have been, the wonderful people we have met, the brilliant cultural experiences we have had and much more. I have purposefully keep the blog pretty anonymous as it isn’t my place make public the private time that my friends chose to take, especially those with a public profile. But I know they will be happy for me to put a couple of photos that will remind us all of great times had together.  Rog and Frances helped to make the trip the best it could be, not only because of the fact that they are so much more well-travelled than we are, but also because they know us so well and we are very comfortable in each others’ company.

Three weeks is a long time to spend continously together,  but because we so at ease with each other,  we knew when we needed a break from each other, and when to take it.

Frances was an absolute trooper throughout the trip. She has the most amazing sense of direction, and often knew better than our GPS lady where we should be. Not only that , she is a great shopper like me, she put up with Phil’s jokes,  my absolutely hopeless sense of direction, which must have been frustrating,  and my blondeness….

As for Rog, he is hilarious and so good to travel with, finding humour in absolutely everything. I cannot expand on the horse incident, but here is the horse which took Roger’s fancy during a cultural moment in Florence:

I have to also mention that Rog and Phil drove brilliantly over a huge distance, encountering crazy and sometimes hilarious antics from other road users. They did it well and for the most part calmly – thanks boys!

Thanks Frances and Roger, you are best ! Au Revoir,  Ciao and see you in LA soon.