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London was very dull and miserable yesterday – I love London if I am staying in Central London in a nice hotel where I can come and go as I please,  but yesterday as we wandered the streets, really just to see how things are progressing leading up the Olympics, I was pleased we weren’t staying. Having said that, the buntings are out everywhere,  there are refurbishments happening wherever you look,  and you can feel the excitement building …

Liberty even has the buntings out

and some of the taxis are painted up too:

As for the shopping, the couple of iconic shops I wanted to visit like Liberty are as brilliant as usual but incredibly expensive.

I made the visit I had planned to the Orla Kiely shop in Convent Garden, but of course made no purchases – so stylish but beyond my purse – gorgeous shop as expected though:

As for shopping in Oxford Street, it remains a nightmare for me when the sales are on as they are a the moment…. Topshop in particular at sale time is scary – clothes everywhere in a huge muddle, I beat a hasty retreat after getting lost in there. Give me a quiet suburban shop anytime though we really enjoyed the re-vamped Carnaby Street and had a tasty lunch at Carnaby Burger Co.

And apart from that, the streets were very wet and slippery underfoot.  In fact we were just talking about being careful as we went down the stairs to the Tube at Oxford Circus, and a woman fell down the stairs behind us.  We managed the Tube quite well again this time, and actually got a seat on the train back to Reading – previously it has been standing room only! The Tube trains are SO hot and crowded too, I can’t imagine what they will be like during the Olympics…..

Today we have had a very quite day, pottering around in Reading, much quiter and easier to find what you want. This evening Kim and I have a girls’ night at the George and Dragon gastro pub – bring it on!