Hallelujah- the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky – we are staying in Redondo Beach LA with Roger and Frances. We had a wonderful time in the UK with Kim, Ivor and the kids, but the sun didn’t come out to play much – well it was shining when we left!

Luckily we got our upgrade to business class for the Heathrow to LA leg – being able to lie down and sleep makes such a difference and the food wasn’t half bad either! Not only that the flight was extremely smooth.

Our morning began with a fabulous walk down to Manhattan Beach – 40 minutes in the sun, no marine layer and it was really warm, despite having started at 7.40am … after a nice coffee at Peets which we discovered on our last visit, the 40 minute walk back was even warmer…..

It’s Prosecco time now…. just a little habit we picked up in Italy – a bit of a reviver after the shopping….