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well kind of…. dreaming of keeping the the sun and taking it back home to New Zealand. It sounds like we may be going to some very cold weather!  The sun is lovely here, not sticky, just warms your bones and I adore it. LA beach dwellers around Manhattan and Redondo seem to take great care of their properties and gardens – on our early morning walks we have seen the gardeners starting early and the water sprinklers on – makes for very pretty walking….

Here is Phil on the well-kept walking track which runs parallel to the Strand, soft and no doggy do here….

Shopping all done for today – MAC counter has taken a bashing at Macy’s and visited Victoria’s Secret and Baby Gap  – J. Crew and Banana Republic seen off too.  J. Crew seems to have become a lot more upmarket than it was when I was here previously. I must say that I think Auckland has caught up well in the mid-range fashion stakes. I can pretty much find what I want at home for similar prices here, though USA is still much cheaper than the UK. Zara is still one of my favourites for mid-range clothing – did a bit of damage in the UK, but still have make a visit to the Santa Monica store when we go to get the kid’s stuff from Disney… the bags are bulging and the wallets are nearly empty. Tonight we are visiting our favourite local restaurant, Open Sesame at Manhattan Village Mall for some more great Middle Eastern food……