The longer I am back home, the more obvious it becomes to me that Venice is going to “haunt” me until I return. I have unfinished business! This morning as the rain splattered down on the roof, I lay in bed contemplating the gym – but Venice won over when I picked up Peter Ackroyd’s enthralling book Venice, Pure City.  I bought it months prior to our trip and skim read it in fits and starts – now I am going to devour it with a completely different understanding – I feel unable to put it down – his descriptions of early Venice are erudite and apt,  and the way he describes light and colour is so much better than my clumsy attempts. For instance he writes “ when you look down upon the water, Venice seems to have no foundations except for reflections” – this is so true and apparent in many of my photos as below. 

Now back to the book….