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By following others who love it too – I am still reading blogs which took my fancy before we went to Italy, and continuing to follow them will help to keep the dream alive…  I particulary like Liz Taylor’s A New Life in Tuscany – it’s very evocative and well written – you can find the link to it and others on my blogroll. I am still searching for a favourite on Venice…

Then of course, there are books – this one was recommended to me this morning – The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt –  I couldn’t resist and have ordered it…..

Not only that, our dear friend Frances with whom we travelled to Italy and France has reminded me that we must see Woody Allen’s new film – To Rome with Love – she said she saw it recently and loved it , so its something to look forward to – The New York Times reviewer seems quite taken with it…..      Here is the link to the article: