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This morning I am sitting at home in Auckland, New Zealand, watching this fantastic display that is the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics – and what show it is – a journey through British history, drama, dance, music, literature, comedy and sport – all of which the British do so well. I loved the representation of children’s literature, highlighting the contribution that many famous writers have made to the treasury of English writing:

Pretty cool too, seeing icons of the British flm and television industry making an appearance, like Kenneth Branagh, good old Mr Bean and Mr Daniel Craig – the montage starring Her Majesty The Queen and him was very clever!:

Currently I am thoroughly enjoying the journey through British music and waiting patiently to see who is going to be the final flame bearer………

The moment is nigh, the flame is coming… who will it be? I can see David Beckham on a launch on the Thames…. As the commentator said “he always travels in style”…. meanwhile a fitting memorial to the family of spectators, and Akram Khan’s beautifully choreographed dance performed to Abide with Me, beautifully sung by Emeli Sande.

Finally the athletes are coming…it will be a while before we see the New Zealand team led by flag bearer Nick Willis (we can follow their progress through the games here: http://www.olympic.org.nz/).

Who will light the Olympic flame? Sir Steve Regrave of course- and as for those beautiful copper petals rising to form the flaming cauldron – stunning!

Sir Paul Mccartney seemed pretty emotional initially but relaxed into his performance towards the end – Hey Jude is a great choice for audience participation with all those “na na na’s”!

Let the games begin- Good Luck New Zealand!!!