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I recently heard criticism of the dressage stage of equestrian eventing at The Olympics – someone on the radio said it was boring to watch. Well, I have just watched a replay of Jock Paget’s debut dressage round and I beg to differ – I think it is fascinating to watch. I have no idea at all about the rules of dressage, but with the help of the commentators, you can get a pretty good idea of what is supposed to happen. Jock looked very elegant on his mount – it must be so hard to control the horse, and to remain relaxed, while asking it to perform such precise movements. Not only that, Paget’s mount,  Clifton Promise,  was so beautifully groomed, so poised while executing the required elements. I can’t wait to see more of this event – it represents a superb partnership between horse and rider – sure,  it is less vigorous than the cross-country and show-jumping, which both make for brilliant viewing, but we can still surely appreciate the skills and horsemanship required to compete successfully in dressage.   I looking foward to seeing Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson tonight.

And as for our rowers!! Well done Eric Murray and Hamish Bond!