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and your interview with  Michelle Pickles on TV3 last night was typically candid and refreshing- you are so open, so honest,  and so rightly proud of yourself and your achievements – just as you should be. What did I love about the interview?:

I love that  fact you have no qualms about admitting that are back-to-back Olympic champion –not in an arrogant way, just in that lovely ‘Valerie’ way.

I love that fact that you are desperate to get your hands on that Gold medal – “better late than never” you said with that carefree shrug of your shoulders.

I love the fact that are not wasting your energy thinking about what Ostapchuk took from you on the day…. though I did love the understated rolling of your eyes when mentioned her name …

I love the way you talk about your family and clearly show how much they mean to you.

I love the way you frankly display love and respect for your coach.

I love the fact you are so passionate and committed to your chosen sport.

I love the way you brushed aside the problems you had leading up to your event and moved on so quickly.

I love that you are so proud of your country and being a  Kiwi.

I love the fact that you were so blown away that the All Blacks might want to be involved in your medal ceremony… BRING IT ON!!