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It’s finally here! I have eagerly awaiting the release of Nicky Pellegrino‘s new book When in Rome, set in that city in the 1950’s.  I have so enjoyed all of her previous novels set in Italy – she writes with authority, being the daughter of an Italian father, and she researches her novels in Italy, giving them authenticity.

I fell in love with the cover of When in Rome when I saw the pre-release publicity – how could you not?  It’s beautiful, it’s enticing, in fact it is really quite seductive in many ways – well, I was certainly seduced by the promise of the novel from what is depicted on the cover. If you love the idea of visiting Italy, and want ot get a feel for it,  try some of Nicky’s other novels too – I loved The Italian Wedding , Recipe for Life,  and  The Villa Girls – again all three had very alluring covers and what lies beneath each cover is excellent wrting, great characterization and story-telling.    My copy of When in Rome, has a bookmark which replicates the cover, and it tells me I can win a vintage fifties dress like the one on cover…. I shall have to investigate further! But meanwhile I do know that the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly is running a competition where you can win yourself a copy of what promises to be another vintage Pellegrino novel. Enjoy!