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Look what Nigella has come up with – Nigellissima!


Thanks once again to Bookman Beattie for alerting me to this new book – so timely considering my previous post. I think I will have go for this one before I head off to buy Two Greedy Italians. I love Nigella’s cookbooks and her various TV series, and I am rather attracted by the subtitle of her new book “instant Italian inspiration” – sounds good to me!

Coincidentally I made her Pantry Paella from the Kitchen cookbook last night – great recipe – “stand and throw” cookery – if you haven’t got the ingredients that  the original recipe calls for, she suggests alternatives – just throw in what you have got and it all combines for a wonderfully tasty dish! This relaxed approach to preparing meals is what I love about Nigella – she makes the process of cooking the food easy – it is when the meal reaches the table that the real enjoyment begins.

Apparently there is a promotional app for the book, so now that I have my new iPad (more on that in an upcoming post), I can perhaps try some of  the Nigellisma recipes before I buy!

You can see Nigella talking about her book here and checkout her Facebook page too.