Venice – wringing wet….

Sadly, Venice is looking somewhat damper now than it was in June…. We were lucky enough to be there in the most wondeful weather, but now severe flooding has hit the city, and it makes for a rather miserable scene. Flooding appears to be something Venetians are used to but perhaps not to this extent. I have great sympathy for those having to clean up in the wake of the flooding, and wish Venice a speedy return to normality. One thing is for sure – rain, hail or shine, I would return in a heartbeat.

To view the extent of the flooding take a look at Marco Secchi’s remarkable photo, this article, and also these videos. Such is the interest in weather events worldwide,  that even our local newspaper The New Zealand Herald has carried a report of the flooding. Dr Dominic Standish’s post of October 17 on the mobile dam project (MOSE) is rather pertinent in light of this new epsiode.

Just in case Venetians need reminding, this is how beautiful their city looks in the sunshine and for comparison to now, see this brilliant set of photos from

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