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We have lived in Titirangi for many years – we moved to our first home here when we were in our late twenties and we are now in our early sixties. We are in our third Titirangi house now, and while we have often considered moving closer into town, the house prices are prohibitive, and we love living here too much to let it go.

Today my husband and I walked the Pipeline on Exhibition Drive, from end to end (6.4 kms). It is a track we have run countless times with the Titirangi Joggers group in our early years here. It is the same track I have used for countless hours of training for some half marathon or another. I have walked it at a more leisurely pace, with friends or visitors, chatting as we walked. I have power-walked with a friend who likes to walk as much as me .

In the late afternoon today, the track was bathed in dappled sunlight, – it was pretty, quiet and calming. It has a history, it has native bush, bird life, lookouts with amazing views, and best of all it is flat! (much of Titirangi is hilly). It offers something for every one – serious athletes, cyclists, families, tourists, casual exercisers, and for anyone looking for a relaxed walk in lovely weather, it is perfect. Today I had my phone with me and I managed to snap a few photos – take a look, and you will see what I mean…..

Note: Titirangi Joggers which was formed in 1980, has now become Titirangi Walkers. See their website here.