Wow, what an amazing day we woke up to this morning- 25 degrees at 8 am! So after breakfast, off we went down to the Strand for a leisurely 6 km walk – not a cloud in the sky, plenty of people in the surf, the volleyball girls on the beach, personal trainers pushing their clients to the max, and a lovely warm breeze. How cool it would be to be able to take such a beautiful walk in the mornings. The beach front properties are quite imposing and many have beautiful gardens with roses, dahlias and bougainvillea. Coffee followed and then a bit of bargain shopping, including a Samsonite suitcase to replace the one that got damaged on the way up – holds a lot more too!

Now we are now relaxing, waiting to board our flight, which recently arrived – its the really cool black aircraft – not looking good for our business class upgrade but we get to test out Sky Couch…. See you in London!