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Monet’s Garden is an absolute must in my book. On Monday we set out early for  Giverny, picking up our lease car on the way. It was yet another beautiful day and perfect for visiting what turned out to be such an idyllic place. It is actually hard to put into words how beautiful the gardens are – the colours are indescribable –  looking at Monet’s paintings is probably the best way to get a measure of the colour palette in the gardens – but for me purples and greens stood out.

The water-lily pond is simply beautiful – it is so serene – and despite the crush of tourists, it was easy to see how Monet could have created his distinctive works, living in such a beautiful place. His house, and particularly his bedroom, have the most glorious vista, especially on such a sunny day.

On return to Paris from Giverny, we decided to cram as much as we could into our last half day – Phil and I walked miles from our hotel – to Notre Dame, the Marais, back to the Pompidou Centre,  the length of Rue St Honore (with its beautiful fashion houses complete with security guards), the Latin Quarter for a  tasty dinner in a great Moroccan restaurant, and along the Seine to the “lovelocked” bridge to watch the sun set. Personally, I think the bridge is an eyesore in its present state, and I was surprised to see that lock sellers continue to peddle their wares on the bridge. We continued our walk back up the Seine and somehow missed out turn, ending up on Ile St Louis! It made for a long but brilliant day …. Hopefully the photos will tell the story …