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We so enjoyed the Market at Sarlat on Saturday, that we decided to go to the Sunday market in nearby St Cyprien, since we delighted in being amongst the local people going about their very colourful daily business. We set off early under the watery morning sun and in no time we were wandering The St Cyprien streets, enjoying a spectacle similar to what we had seen the day before, if on a slightly smaller scale.

Having got our market fix, we decided to return to Sarlat, to explore it again, in a quieter atmosphere. While certainly less busy, the streets quickly began to fill up with tourists – many of them being French, rather American, which is more what I expected to see. We have noticed this everywhere, so the French obviously enjoy exploring their own country (and why wouldn’t they?!)

Sarlat did not disappoint on our return – it has a rich history, with many beautiful old buildings and monuments – including The Lantern of the Dead ( built to record thanks to St Bernard of Clairvaux, whose blessings, along with his new hygiene standards, apparently stopped the virulent plague which had taken so many people of the town). Being a town in the Perigord region, there is shop after shop displaying foie gras (made from either goose or duck). There is much delightful signage advertising this delicacy too.

Having completed our return visit, we drove back to Domaine de Monrecour, for another relaxed and tasty picnic lunch on the patio. Then it was back across the river to explore further. We could have visited Chateau des Milandes on this side, but we were pretty much replete with Chateau visits, though it did look rather beautiful, and the sound of a magnificent operatic voice was echoing over its walls – obviously a concert was in progress.

On our return to home base, we dressed for dinner, had pre-dinner drinks (drinking far too much wine but  to it is hard not to indulge – it is so inexpensive and  good!) . Having enjoyed our fine dining experience in the adjoining hotel restaurant on the evening we arrived, we decided to return – it was a good move as the meal was just as exquisite….