How lovely it was to wake up in our Callas hideaway after the long drive to get here. We all had a great sleep in our comfy beds and woke feeling refreshed. The day dawned bright and sunny and promised to be warm. After a healthy breakfast we went down to the village for additional stocks and had a we poke around the town. The bakery is great but was almost totally cleaned out by ten o’clock! Having bought bread from the remaining range and some very delicious sweet treats to have with our morning coffee in the nearby café, we know why!

On our return to the villa we went poolside for a couple of hours. How lovely it is to feel the sun on your skin (with sunscreen of course) … There is nothing better than lying by the pool with a good book …. except maybe if it is relaxing at the seaside with a good book! The pool is heated salt water and I am looking forward to the chill leaving the wind so I can have my first swim in a long time.

Lunch was homemade sandwiches sitting under the arbour and it was delicious. Feeling replete, I took the opportunity to catch up on my blog posts which were a couple of days behind. Thankfully the wi-fi here is much more reliable and faster, so my photos are loading better. Having caught up, I was just thinking about returning poolside, when the weather started closing in – with rain in the hills, plus thunder and lightning!

All four of us have decided to try to make the most of having such a great home base to relax in, and to follow the French tradition of taking a long lunch. Today was our first day since we arrived in France where we have taken time out just to enjoy our surroundings. There so much to see and do in this area, but we need to balance it with recharging our batteries. Hence dinner was another simple but tasty barbecue. Tomorrow we will venture out early to the local market for more fresh produce … Then who knows what the day will bring …