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We woke this very still morning to a cloudless blue sky – so different from yesterday. With the washing done and breakfast complete, we decided to make the most of the sun and relax by the pool. This location, high in the hills overlooking the town and verdant valley below, certainly gets under your skin quickly, enticing you to relax – in short, it is the kind of place that makes you feel quite mellow.

Phil and I took our books up to the pool and enjoyed a good read, but just before lunch it became quite hot, so we took a dip – warm salt water – gorgeous – and good for the ankle that I twisted when I missed the very narrow bottom step leading to our room – ouch! With a bit of RICE treatment and some Voltaren, it has felt pretty good all day but it is pretty swollen now. More RICE and Voltaren to follow…

This afternoon we took off for the coast, stopping first at Frejus – being early Sunday afternoon in France, the streets were deserted.. The pace of life slows, shops close, and the French take their time to enjoy their day of rest. While some tourists may find it frustrating, I think it is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday and am happy to embrace it.

Frejus was founded by Julius Caesar, and has a Roman amphitheatre. I was expecting to see something like the one in Arles, but not so. The Frejus forum seems to have been reconstructed in part to allow for events to take place there, and it looks rather odd, with its concrete reinforcements and modern staircases.

Next we drove down to the Med through St Raphael and it was in complete contrast to Frejus – absolutely pumping! It seems that the inland inhabitants flock to the coast in Sundays – and who could blame them – it is such a fabulous coast to be able to enjoy, the water is so blue and clear. We ventured a little further to the outskirts of St Maxime, and stopped at a sunny seaside bar for a drink – a chilled white wine for moi – perfect!

Once home, I whipped a spaghetti bolognaise which we have just demolished with a few good wines… We have UK SKY the villa and we are enjoying a good laugh watching old English comedies – Keeping Up Appearances and Dinner Ladies – loving it. My ankle is elevated and icing as I watch …..