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Exploring our home base in Callas was on the agenda today, as we stick to our resolve to enjoy our lovely villa L’Etoile du Sud. It is such a fabulous spot, on the side of a hill dotted with olive trees, with a good-sized heated swimming pool bordered by lavender on one side, and a lovely patio furnished with ample loungers, chairs and sun umbrellas in the other. Overlooking the village of Callas, the house itself is utterly delightful, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a well equipped kitchen and laundry, and a relaxing lounge and dining room. We couldn’t have chosen better in this area, so we are determined to enjoy it. When we had the villa in Radicondoli, in Tuscany, a couple of years ago, we had such a full agenda of sights to see, we didn’t give ourselves enough time to enjoy the villa itself. This time, we factored rest and recreation into our travel agenda and it is working well.

After breakfast we set out to explore the lower part of the town, having shopped for bread at the local bakery, bought vegetables at the local fruit stall, and enjoyed a coffee and pastry at the local café. On the way down to explore the lower village, we took the chance to check out the menus offered by local restaurants, and decided on La Grupie for dinner.

The lower level of town offered some lovely view across the fields below and typical village architecture with plenty of shutters, flowers and narrow side streets, so I got busy with my camera. Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed there was a smudge on the lens, so some of the photos are less than perfect. I did discover however, that my new camera has a retouch function, and I managed to revive some of the photos. Callas village is not as pretty as some of the others we have seen, but it is delightful and we are very happy here. As my ankle is still not happy to walk too far, we were not away from home base for long, but there is plenty of time to explore further.

Back at the village, I made a batch of Jo Seagar’s lemonade and cream scones (so good and so easy!), and we sat in the sun devouring them along with fresh filled baguette. This lifestyle is utterly enticing (though our calorie and wine intake is far too high), but we are embracing it to the full, and the afternoon was spent reading and chilling by the pool (once the obligatory mid-afternoon shower had passed over).

Come dinner time, off we went to La Grupie, which was not yet open, but as we arrived, so did the staff, so we booked our table for opening time, and went off to the local bar/café for pre-dinner drinks. La Grupie turned out to be a gem – a small local restaurant with a cave-like feel to it, lovely staff, and the most delicious meals at amazing prices. How does a 16 Euro three course meal, strike you? Not only was it cheap, but beautifully prepared and presented. I can tell you it was damn good and such value for money.

Tomorrow we are off to Antibes for a visit to the Picasso Museum and perhaps on to St Paul du Vence …