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Today was another rest day for us. We are enjoying the creature comforts offered by L’Etoile du Sud and taking the opportunity to sleep in while we can. It was sunny when we awoke, so after breakfast we decided to complete our exploration of Callas, and take our customary coffee and pastry along the way. The walk down the drive to the village road is pretty steep and rocky, so it was on with the compression bandage and my walking shoes, and off we went.

After our morning tea, Phil and I walked to the lower road exploring little lanes and alleys as went, continuing further down beyond the village, to get the best expansive view as she shimmered in the sun. It was getting hotter and hotter as we walked back up to the village, but we decided to keep on going up to the highest point.

As I sat on a bench near the church under a shady tree, while Phil went off for a comfort stop, a Mirage jet flew over my head with the most ear-splitting and deafening noise. My first thought as I could hear it approaching, was to try to get a photo, but the din it made was so loud, I literally had to drop the camera, leaving it dangling from my wrist, so I could block my ears!

On Phil’s return we continued to a high point behind the little Notre Dame church for more views and then wound our way back up to the villa. It was a good long walk, and my ankle stood up to it well. We were both sweltering due to the heat of the midday sun so we cooled off in the pool before lunch – heavenly.

After our long lunch break, we headed off to a couple of nearby villages – the first one, Claviers was delightful – a pretty and tiny place with a laid back feel to it – a picturesque cluster of buildings in the hills, with an approach on winding roads with some rather tight bends!

The second village, Figanieres, was not as appealing – call it a working village if you like. We needed a few supplies and it has a larger store than Callas, so it was convenient and the drive to reach it was flat and easy. We did enjoy a cool drink in the shady forecourt of a local café, but there was no reason to linger. Phil and I  had explored a little however, prior to our drink stop, and found a very pretty church, and met a local moggy ….

Tomorrow is a biggie – the Gorge du Verdon …..