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Sunday’s effort at map-reading was a far cry from Saturday’s effort – it was quite a triumph in fact. After breakfast in front of a roaring fire in the cottage, we set off,  keen to redeem ourselves.

In truth, we did choose a walk which looked straight forward, from Blockley to Moreton-In-Marsh, and no sooner had we set out, than we met a group of walkers coming the other way, who confirmed we were going in the right direction. Not only that, the  path was very well signposted all the way, unlike the path we chose on Saturday, so we were confident we should continue.

We trudged through a field of cows and a bull, which was somewhat disconcerting, but the big beast was happily chomping away at the long grass,  so we avoided eye contact and continued up to the top of the paddock, and turned in a woodland area. The path in the woods took us out into a field and onto a very muddy track beside a high dry stone wall, which was corralling black-faced sheep.

Soon we were back in woodland, resplendent with stands of tall trees which opened out onto rich farmland, where the farmer was busy baling huge barrels of hay. More woodland followed then we hit a series of fields, some with crops, others lying fallow, and another full of wildflowers. This lovely walk took us through quintessential English countryside, and even though it was overcast, it was really pretty.

We finally came to an allotment on the edge of the village, which lead us down a path to the high street. Hungry again, we chose a pleasant-looking pub, The Redesdale Arms for another excellent pub lunch, followed by hot scones at the award-winning tea rooms Marshmallow. Buoyed by our triumph in reaching our destination, we decided to walk back to Blockley taking the same path, making for around a 12 km walk and we did it!

Having decided to dine in, we settled down for a relaxed evening in front of the fire and the television, sipping champagne, and watching France beat Honduras at the soccer World Cup – bliss!