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Goodness, it has been rather a long time since I have added a post – there has been so much to do and many things preventing time on the computer – work and family mostly, but such is life. I have missed posting material, but today I came across a podcast which made me realise it was time to return – plus it was so pertinent to my last post in 2014 that I had to share it. My previous post was on Monet’s magnificent garden at Giverny – so hard to describe, so easy to fall in love with – but today this great podcast by my old favourite Rick Steves helped to elucidate my feelings on how the Garden impacted me.  He was in discussion with Elizabeth Murray, a gardener, writer and photographer, who had worked voluntarily in the garden for a year. The way she describes how the light and seasons change a person’s experience of the gardens is surely apt, and her conversation with a listener (Kristin), who had visited the gardens at the same time of year that we did, was amazing – she described so well what we had seen, confirming that each season is different but somehow obviously the same, year after year. Listening to Elizabeth Murray speaking about her own experience was fascinating and she has written a beautiful book called Monet’s Passion, which has excellent reviews, so it is looking like a must read for me and others fascinated by this iconic place….. wisteria by the Japanese bridge