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I have been watching from afar, the responses to those frightening and deadly acts in  Paris – watching with respect, admiration, sympathy and most of all, with hope – hope that such acts do not dampen the spirit of the Parisian people. I need not have worried, because they have showed courage, unity and strength of spirit as they get on with life in the aftermath.

I like would to pay tribute here to the wonderful responses we have seen, and cite one that really moved me.  Hopefully the link to this response will remain as a perpetual reminder to me (and perhaps others) of how acts of terrorism do not necessarily dampen spirit, nor cause surrender – rather, the opposite occurs,  where people unite in a show of resolve, faith, dignity and fortitude.

The article that so resonated with me was this one on the BBC website  in which the last sentence speaks volumes –  a young emergency doctor Youri Yordanov, describes the horrific scene his department faced at the time of the attacks, but he also reports that on the following Monday, he and other colleagues met for a drink in an area where one of the shootings occurred, saying “That’s our answer. We are not going to change our lives.”

The most recent article I have I read contains an amalgamation of comments from readers of  Complete France, wherein they have published some moving tributes to Paris.

Sites like Bonjour Paris are providing really practical advice for intending travellers like me and my husband,  and as such should be promoted, for example,  this quite recent article, “Is it safe to be in  Paris?”

As I write this, we are in the throes of planning our trip to Paris next year. Hopefully, the lethal turmoil will have settled, and I will get to celebrate my 65th birthday in the City of Light, and relax again in the Jardin des Tuileries as I did in 2007 (below). We simply have to get on with our lives, just like Youri – so à bientôt Paris…..


Postscript: Bryan Pirolli, one of my favourite bloggers on Eurocheapo, has just posted 16 very good reasons to visit Paris in 2016. # 16 is outstanding. Check it out here.

Paris - relaxing by the Tuileries fountain