On returning to Venice ….

In early September we will return to Venice for another three days, staying at the same delightful hotel we chose last time, Ca’ Angeli, on the Grand Canal.  I like to research places on our route and how best to use our time, and as luck would have it, I came across a beautiful and informative blog, La Venessiana, which has utterly refuelled my desire to … Continue reading On returning to Venice ….

The Loire, Amboise, and some chateaux : reflections # 4

Well, so much for diligently posting my reflections on our wonderful 2014 French sojourn … but better late than never perhaps. It is June 2016 and we have just completed our planning for the upcoming 2 month drive through Spain, France and Italy, so researching is keeping me busy, but finally my Loire review is complete.  Obviously some will disagree with my reaction but such is the nature of travel … Continue reading The Loire, Amboise, and some chateaux : reflections # 4