On returning to Venice ….

In early September we will return to Venice for another three days, staying at the same delightful hotel we chose last time, Ca’ Angeli, on the Grand Canal.  I like to research places on our route and how best to use our time, and as luck would have it, I came across a beautiful and informative blog, La Venessiana, which has utterly refuelled my desire to be back in the city that so captured my heart on our first visit …

The writer Iris, and her Venetian grandmother Lina have hit upon an enticing recipe for their blog, including good photography, food writing, and very useful local knowledge. The first post that caught my eye was something dear to my heart – early morning coffee, so I was delighted to get some ideas on where to go for a good coffee fix, featured in the post Nice, new and trendy cafes in Venice.

Having devoured the cafe post, I continued to delve into other posts, and came upon a link to a magical and mesmerising video of Venice (and in particular the Piazza San Marco). On our previous visit we had arisen at 7am on the second day, (as Rick Steves advised), having experienced the tourist crush in the Piazza the day before. In the watery morning sun, we wandered over the deserted Rialto Bridge and along several empty calli, until we reached the famous Piazza, and were amazed to see it was virtually empty. It was quite an uplifting experience, taking everything in at our own pace and not being swept along with a crowd.

The Venizavion video Iris refers to in her post shows the Square in a similar state, and with the clever drone photography it makes for stunning viewing. If you have a few spare minutes, take a look and let it wash over you – it is a treat. Even better, by serendipity, I found the Venizavion 2 video which has a beautiful soundtrack, including  Our Love is Easy , one of my favourite songs by the beautiful and talented Melody Gardot. As you can imagine, the goosebumps got bigger while I watched and listened.

It is people like Iris, Lina and the creator of the videos, Jean-Claude Julien who inspire when they take the time to share their knowledge and creative talents, and as a traveller I thank them for their generosity.

Regarding Venice in the morning, I can attest to the delight you experience if you get to the Piazza at 7am – see for yourself how good it can be not having to be part of the urgent hustle and bustle in the middle of the day – I can’t wait to be back there, just a little bit wiser, thanks to Iris, Lina and Jean-Claude ……


6 thoughts on “On returning to Venice ….

  1. Thank you – I look forward to your new posts with interest. We are going on to St Tropez for a nice relaxing week after cramming ourselves full of Venice! The South of France is such wonderful place and we are lucky to be going back so soon. Our last stay there in 2014 was in a small place called Callas, a little inland from St Tropez- this time we will be closer to the beach and that great St Tropez vibe…

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our blog in this post!! We are very happy that it has been helpful for you to do research for your trip. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time !! Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I love the articles on New Zealand and France, and of course, on Italy !!! Warmest regards, Iris and Lina

    1. No problem Iris – I am a librarian and I love to share gems like your blog when I find them. I am looking forward to getting back to posting highlights of our trip which begins at the end of August. Venice will again be a highlight for me so I will be following your posts closely. I am glad you found something to enjoy on my blog. I am always amazed that anyone reads it! Ciao!

      1. Thank you dear friend!! I find your blog very interesting, and I’m sure many others do too!! Thank you for sharing insightful tips, the books you read and your beautiful pictures !!!! BTW – I love Provence and France too. There will be a few Venice guide pages and summer itineraries on my blog soon, and a few more surprises. Ciao, a presto !!

  3. Just like us, and happily for me, there were very few pigeons. I am so looking forward to doing it again and this time finding a good coffee in on3 of the places Iris recommends in her blog post.

  4. I well remember wandering through Piazza San Marco in the early morning sunshine – just us and the pigeons, and the sunlight sparkling on the water. Magical!

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