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In the photo book I made to record our South of France sojourn in 2014, I called Nice my “happy place” (though in truth I should call France my happy place).

Currently though,  Nice is a very sad place -a beautiful, vibrant and soulful city , torn apart by the horrific actions of a single man. I heard about the “Bastille Day Massacre” while I was at work and was in total disbelief. Not again surely… but when I got home and saw the chilling footage I was reduced to tears – for Nice, its inhabitants and the visitors, who like me had gone there to enjoy carefree summer days, but who have now either lost their lives, or their loved ones or have been injured.

We will return to Nice in September, and will pay our respects on the beautiful Promenade des Anglais where so many lost their lives. Inevitably, those memories will be tinged with sadness….. below are some current memories of Nice which remain strong, and are permanent reminders of the city so full of vitality and colour, that it captured our hearts and made us want to return…

Postscript-  today I found myself repeating that awful phrase “not again!” because as I write this, the horror of the Munich attack is unfolding – tragic, just like the Nice attack and all the others that have gone before…..