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This morning we breakfasted inside rather than brave the terrace as the wind was up. The cappuccino is very good and the fresh bread and croissants too. Bellagio was our destination today – a 15 minute ferry ride across the lake from Varenna. The weather continues to play the game – it is very warm and sunny so the the ferry ride was pleasant.

Drawing into the jetty I was anticipating being blown away by the opulence and beauty of Bellagio – but not so….. We strolled the main street checking out a few shops – noting the curtains hanging from the edge of the verandahs covering the shops, which get pulled down in the heat,  to “stop the poodles from sweating” as Rick Steves would say. No retail therapy for me today – there was nothing which attracted me in the least. A cafe  on the water provided a shady venue for morning tea and then it was off to explore the old town.

The side streets were brimming wth groups of tourists – seemingly from a ship which we can only think was berthed in Venice – three hours away. While the steep side streets are pretty, and reminiscent of other Italian towns we have seen, it was somewhat disappointing – not really the outstanding and opulent place we had expected.

We dined at the “snack bar” of Hotel Metropole and did a little tiki tour around the other side of the town near Villa Melzi famous for its gardens, which are apparently very beautiful. We returned to Varenna via Mennagio – quite a plain-looking town directly opposite Varenna. The return to our apartment  from the ferry wharf along “Lovers’ walk was rather jam-packed with day trippers.

As I write this we are sitting around the table in our apartment, drinking wine, planning not only our exit from Varenna tomorrow, but also starting to think about our next trip to Sicily…….

We are off up to the square for dinner tonight and it is still extremely warm, the sun is shining on the lake and we figure we are very lucky to be in this idyllic place called Varenna.