We decided last night to have some down time in St Tropez – each doing whatever suited them best. For me it has been a time to explore and discover more about this gorgeous place all by myself. After breakfast, I walked to the Place des Lices with Dave where we had a quick coffee and went our separate ways.

I began my whimsical wanderings in the Vieille Ville ( the old town) and managed to find Notre Dame de l’Assomption, the beautiful baroque church I had been looking for.

Not far away I found the path up to La Citadelle de Saint-Tropez from which there are utterly amazing views of the town and bay, and also to the Cimetière Marin de Saint Tropez – the sailor’s cemetery. It was worth taking the time to walk to the top because the views are panoramic.

I wound my way back down the hill and ambled through the picturesque streets and shady lanes of the old town, taking my time to really absorb the atmosphere and to enjoy the laid back feel of the place. The tourist crowds seem to be thinning, so my time alone there was unhurried and really pleasant.

I wandered in and out of shops and lingered at one that was crammed to the brim with St Tropez-style clothing – bohemian I guess you could call it, with huge linen shifts, and patterned kaftans, perfect for the beach-goer but not for me. Luckily, I perserved and the owner was very helpful as the shop was empty. She found me a couple of pretty little shifts and a top that fitted – discounted  for a cash sale.


Bit of damage done in this delightful shop



Taken from the doorway of Chapelle de la Misericorde


Shady shop in the the old town


Cimitiere Marin de St Tropez


Entrance to Notre Dame de l’Assomption


Shady lane and ochre coloured walls of Notre Dame

The walk home in the hot sun meant relaxing in the gazebo was in order, followed by dinner al fresco – barbecued of course….


Tomorrow we set of to explore Grimaud.