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This morning marked the arrival of one of the most anticipated days of our trip – we had pre-booked tickets to view the interior of the Sagrada Familia, and to go to Parc Guell this afternoon.

9.30am marked the start of our morning at the Cathedral, where we duly received our audioguides providing with us with an informative commentary on Gaudi and his wondrous architectural design. The commentary began outside, giving a quite detailed explanation of the elements of the Nativity facade, but once inside it was hard to concentrate on what was being said, as we stood awe-struck by what we were seeing. Personally, I never expected feel so amazed by the Cathedral, but I defy anyone not to be. It is far too difficult to try to explain in words or pictures how magnificent it is -the light, the colours, the pillars, the canopy -it is so majestic – I can only show you what I saw…. first a little more of the exterior:

Now for the jaw-dropping interior as seen through the lens of my little point and click camera:


It is truly forest-like


Work in progress



And some more…


Beautiful pink light



Muted shades of greens and apricots reflecting though the Passion Facade side

There are so many superlatives I could throw about to try and describe this beautiful place of worship – but none would do it justice. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

Tomorrow I will take you to Parc Guell …