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Yesterday will remain special as we took an amazing private tour around the spectacular Alhambra, and also the imposing and memorable Granada Cathedral. While I am not Catholic I find the sumptuous symbolism and icons found in Catholic churches quite fascinating and engaging – hence my visit to the enormous and overwhelming Cathedral de Granada. Construction of this monster began in the 16th century and continued for nearly 200 years. Its size is truly monstrous, and the capilla (chapels )which line the walls are incredibly opulent. The circular chancel housing the high altar is incredible as is the altar itself, and the two organs within in are simply stunning.

After the Cathedral, we explored a little further within the area, had a coffee in a quiet little alley  where we discovered a very dedicated barista, before looking at some of the more modern shopping area and returning to the hotel before our next tour.

And what a tour it was. Our tour guide Hana Anne met us at the hotel and walked with us up to the Alhambra where she showed us through the part of the complex for which tickets were not required, telling us some of the history as we walked. Shortly after she handed us over to one of the best tour guides we have had – the very flamboyant Michael. Tall, extremely good looking, with huge dangling earrings, wearing purple pants and top, and sporting magenta painted toenails, he was so learned – a university lecturer who speaks nine languages. He was amazing -informative but with a very dry sense of humour. He kept us entertained through the half day we spent with him the Alhambra and the beautiful GeneralLife gardens.

Michael imparted far too much information for me to try and summarise here so I resort again to letting my humble photos tell the story of what we saw, and some will not be captioned. Most of the photos of the interior are taken in the Palacios Nazaries.


Incredibly intricate roof

My favourite photo of all:

p1060548Now some of the beautiful and tranquil GeneralLife gardens:

My favourite from the garden: