It has to be said that I  love my life – I am a 60 plus mother of two lovely daughters, and grandmother of two darling boys and two beautiful girls. I work full-time as an Acquisitions Librarian in New Zealand.  I love to keep fit at the gym, take long walks, spend time with my lovely family and friends, create crafty things (in fabric and wool), cook, read, enjoy good films and television, travel and most of all to enjoy life. I created the blog to record our recent trip to Italy and the South of France and I hope you followed along… I  enjoyed blogging so much, I am going to continue… who knows, maybe my scribblings will of use to some readers….

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sherievon,

    Thank you for sharing your passion for France and Italy via your blog! I am a New Zealander who lives in Aucland and I too have a passion for France and Italy.I spent some time travelling to Europe earlier this year with my husband and fell in love. I have recently read the book “My French Affair” by Amanda Taylor-Ace and was sad to finish it! I have found your blog useful for book recommendations. Off to the book store I go!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Candice, glad you are enjoying the blog. I have been quiet lately though I have a couple of draft reflections to post from our trip last year. If you want find more to read I have a board on Pinterest called Francophile reading and one called Italian reading which you may like. I too have read Amanda Taylor-Ace’s book – It was interesting and quite evocative but quite lightweight I felt. We are preparing for a return trip in exactly a year and I will be posting more soon – about preparations etc. We will be in Northern Italy in Milan, the Lakes, Verona and back to Venice (thank goodness), plus southern France near or in St Tropez or St Maxime, and then on to Spain. – Watch this space …and keep reading.

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