The Big Apple beckons….

It’s that time again people … a little bit of travel coming up … San Francisco turned on her best for us a few months ago and fueled the desire to see more American cities. Luckily we had already planned to visit New York in December, that magical time in the run up to Christmas, and Washington D.C. is in the mix as well. We … Continue reading The Big Apple beckons….

French lessons….. in Titirangi!

Bonjour mes amis! In order to feel more competent using my schoolgirl French when we go to France in May, I decided I would take some conversational French lessons. But where to look for a good tutor? I was going to contact Alliance Francaise but as luck would have it, I was flicking through the Titirangi Group Facebook page and what did I find? – a young … Continue reading French lessons….. in Titirangi!

Destination Paris – and beyond…

With Christmas well and truly over, we recently had the luxury of spending a few days at home with our Kiwi travelling companions, Roger and Frances. On their previous visit from LA in August, we sat down over a good old Kiwi-style lunch ( Annabel Langbein’s bacon and egg pie and Jo Seagar’s lemonade scones), and set about trying to create our itinerary – four weeks on the road in … Continue reading Destination Paris – and beyond…

Titirangi’s Pipeline walk – it’s a gem!

We have lived in Titirangi for many years – we moved to our first home here when we were in our late twenties and we are now in our early sixties. We are in our third Titirangi house now, and while we have often considered moving closer into town, the house prices are prohibitive, and we love living here too much to let it go. Continue reading “Titirangi’s Pipeline walk – it’s a gem!”