Those Two Greedy Italians… again

I do so love stumbling upon things which pique my interest. Last evening, while I sat looking through our photos taken in Italy last year, the television was on in the background and I suddenly recognised familiar voices.  I looked up to see two of my favourite celebrity chefs – the delightful Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo – the Two Greedy Italians – in a 2nd series, (2012), Two Greedy Italians : Still Hungry.   As … Continue reading Those Two Greedy Italians… again

Longing for France ….

Today is Waitangi Day, a public holiday in New Zealand, to celebrate our history, and the signing of our founding document, The Treaty of Waitangi. It is the most magnifient of summer days – blue skies,with a light and balmy breeze to take the sting out of the hot sun. Idyllic really, so why then am I sitting on our deck, in the beautiful leafy … Continue reading Longing for France ….

Paris Winter Sales a la Ms Theadora Brack …

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All you need is love and a Métro ticket to ride the “80” Bus Photos by Theadora Brack Peace, love and understanding on the “80” Bus By Theadora Brack Make no tips, hands or buts about it, “Les soldes d’hiver 2013″ are in full swing in Paris. They began on January 9 and will last through Tuesday,… Continue reading Paris Winter Sales a la Ms Theadora Brack …

Paris to Avignon….

In order to begin our self-guided cycle tour in Provence, we caught the TGV from Paris and sped our way to Avignon – it took only three hours to arrive in style at the pretty impressive Gare d’Avignon. I should say right from the outset that we arranged the cycling trip in Provence through a brilliant Kiwi agent here in Auckland, Jill Grant from A Walker’s World. She was … Continue reading Paris to Avignon….

Cara Nigella – you rock!

On Thursday night I downloaded the free taster app for Nigella’s new book Nigellissima, and from the first moment, listening to Nigella explain her love of Italian cuisine, I was hooked.  Her passion for Italy is undeniable, and quite contagious. I find her a joy to listen to – the account of her concept for book’s design and layout, and her hands-on involvement in the project, was fascinating.  Needless to say, I purchased the book … Continue reading Cara Nigella – you rock!

French longings….

While I am deeply engrossed in When in Rome which I am thoroughly enjoying, I realised over the weekend that I have allowed beautiful Italy to seduce me somewhat, and to entice me away from my first love – France. On Saturday morning, while having my usual coffee with a group of gym friends, one of them mentioned a local supplier of beautiful French products, French Country Collections, and … Continue reading French longings….

Speaking of Italian cookbooks …..

Look what Nigella has come up with – Nigellissima! Thanks once again to Bookman Beattie for alerting me to this new book – so timely considering my previous post. I think I will have go for this one before I head off to buy Two Greedy Italians. I love Nigella’s cookbooks and her various TV series, and I am rather attracted by the subtitle of … Continue reading Speaking of Italian cookbooks …..

Now for some vintage fiction set in Rome…….

It’s finally here! I have eagerly awaiting the release of Nicky Pellegrino‘s new book When in Rome, set in that city in the 1950’s.  I have so enjoyed all of her previous novels set in Italy – she writes with authority, being the daughter of an Italian father, and she researches her novels in Italy, giving them authenticity. I fell in love with the cover of When in Rome when … Continue reading Now for some vintage fiction set in Rome…….

Valerie’s story …..

If you are interested in following up on our gold medal Olympian Valerie Adams, there are some good indepth articles in the New Zealand Herald. As a firm believer that Valerie was not her usual self on the day of competition, I found this one by Andrew Alderson and Paul Lewis particularly interesting: There was definitely something very different about her demeanour on the day- that pumped-up, … Continue reading Valerie’s story …..