First stop LA

Here I sit in the Internet ‘cave” in the lobby of the Hacienda Hotel near LA (place of some of Roger and Phil’s misspent youth) – it ain’t the Hilton but the sun is shining, the room is very clean and bed was comfy bliss, along with the pillow. We had a last minute change of plans with Roger and Frances going to London ahead of us.  The Internet is slow here so I need to type fast before my $5 runs out! We walked to our local shopping centre (Manhattan Mall) yesterday where I replenished my makeup supplies at Macys for  half the cost it would be at home, managed a great buy at Banana Republic for US$20, and then we went to the Lebanese restaurant we love, Open Sesame – YUM. We have just experienced an IHOP brekky – huge and pretty tasteless but they do good pancakes – if you cut the portion down by about 2/3. Great flight over, but missed  on the business class upgrade, though front row in premium economy is pretty good!! Looking forward to London now, and meeting up with Rog and Frances and nice lunch in Reading with Kim and Co.

4 thoughts on “First stop LA

  1. Sounds as if you are having a great time. I had to laugh about the Hacienda. Mum and I stayed there years ago and it wasn’t too flash then – ANZ staff travel must have booked everyone in there! Maybe Colin and I will check it out in September!
    Looking forward to seeing some photos.

  2. I was wondering what happened with the Business Class over. Ah well, better luck next time. You can’t have it all girl

    1. Missed out on business class over to LA (but Premium Economy is OK), and also to to London as a Swiss Air plane fell over and many people booked on to our plane at the last minute – was a pretty awful flight to London but no matter – we got there and didn’t miss our connection to Nice.

      1. Did you see about the earthquale in the Bologna / Parma area yesterday? Not close to you, but the county next to Tuscany. Enjoy your trip.

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